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Jun 20 at 08:46 PM

EWM Embedded with parallel S4 Stock room management functionality on same instance


Hi we have a customer looking at option of deploying S4 embedded EWM and also use StRM function on same instance. Due to the restriction of integrating of existing warehouses on SAP WM system to new S4 system with Embedded EWM. Customer does not want to risk migration of all warehouses from existing SAP WM system to new S4 in big bang deployment but wants to opt for a phased deployment to S4 Embedded EWM.

Are there any restriction to have 1 warehouse running on S4 Embedded EWM and the other warehouses using StRM in same instance?

How do we then move the next warehouse from StRM to Embedded EWM?

What are the considerations and risks to have in mind?

Your shared inputs would be much appreciated