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Jun 20, 2022 at 07:47 AM

Basic Pay wage types replicated due to split


Hi All,

I am implementing International payroll (country code 99). Clients requirement for calculating Loss of Pay should be on working days. therefore i have maintained PC class 10 as 2 for basic pay wage types. LOP is calculating correctly.

In one month there are 4 different action types for one employee and when i am executing payroll , the basic pay wage types are calculating 4 times with the same amount.


G01 Basic 01 1,846.15

G01 Basic 02 1,846.15

G01 Basic 03 1,846.15

G01 Basic 04 1,846.15

where as the amount should be 1846.15 only

If I maintain 1 in PC10, all are calculating correctly

Please guide