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Jun 19, 2022 at 10:10 AM

Payroll Control Centre- Master data correction

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Hi Team,

Let us consider that our Admin users use PCC in Employee central for running the payroll.

If at all they encounter any payroll run errors, in order to correct the master data, do they need to manually change the status to "Released for correction" at PA03? But, even with the Correction mode, the error is showing as Payroll area Z1 in correction phase; employee 145263753 (5921/00000000) not replicated.

The moment the users start the payroll process, the status in the control record is automatically changing to "Released for Payroll", but when there is any correction required, even if the users do the correction in Employee's Job information in employee central, the replication is failing stating that the status of PA03.

Can you please how the admins can correct the master data error and continue the payroll process.?.

Kindly advice.