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Jun 18, 2022 at 02:34 PM

Errors while working with Document Information Extraction


Hi All,

I am working on the tutorial Set Up Account for Document Information Extraction and Go to Application | Tutorials for SAP Developers.

At step 2 - Search for Set up account for Document Information Extraction and click the tile to access the booster - After hitting on the Start button to start the booster, I get the error message as shown in the below screen saying "Subscribing to SaaS Applications Failed"


I've reset and tried few times but every time it fails.


I've gone through this tutorial Manage Entitlements on SAP BTP Trial | Tutorials for SAP Developers . However in this tutorial as mentioned in Step 3 point 4 onwards, after clicking on Configuring Entitlements I was unable to add any new service plans as its all greyed out for me in my trial account. This is how my Service Assignments section looks.


This is the the Entitlements section is greyed out.


Please advise how to fix this issue and proceed further in the tutorial.


image.png (78.8 kB)
image.png (38.9 kB)
image.png (130.6 kB)
image.png (112.3 kB)
image.png (160.2 kB)