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Jun 17, 2022 at 02:17 PM

Planning Sequence with Packaging failing in process chain


Hi all,

Has anyone got any suggestions for what might be the fix here?

I have a planning sequence in a process chain which is packaging the data as the entire dataset is too large to process in one go.

This packaging settings separate the data into 79 packages, we consistently get through as far as package 26 and then the process fails with errors "Subprocess x was not successful" (RSPLF408) and "Master cannot read return value from subprocess x" (RSPLF412).

Later in the job log are messages to say that the data in the infoprovider is locked by the administrator.



While the process chain variant is executing, I can see the master lock in RSPLSE but the entry vanishes when the process errors. The locking conflict tab shows that the selection is locked via a master lock, and the same background user is requesting the lock as is executing the process chain so there should be no issue requesting the lock.

So far, the lock conflict is always showing the same /RAP/CDT4 value where the failure is happening, I have managed to run the process manually just for that selection and it runs successfully.



In an attempt to remove any chance of packages locking each other out, we made the packaging settings as simple as possible and set parallel processing to 1 process, so effectively sequential. Still we see the errors.


We have other planning sequences in process chains which use packaging and run to completion with no errors.

We are on BW 7.53 SP5.

Grateful for any suggestions of where to look next!


image.png (216.1 kB)
image.png (215.7 kB)
image.png (283.5 kB)
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