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Jun 17, 2022 at 11:00 AM

How long does BTP Integration Suite Free Tier decommissioning take?



We are trying out the BTP Integration Suite on the Free Tier and have reached the 90 day limit so have deleted our Integration Suite subscription and want to add it back again to start another 90 days.

When I try to add the Integration Suite Free Tier subscription back again I get the error:

You can't subscribe to the service as decommissioning is in progress. Please try again after decommissioning is completed.

Error Code: 400

Failing subscription request because de-provisioning is in progress for appPlan: [free], tenantId: [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx], subdomain: [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

I have tried multiple times over about 3 hours but keep getting the same error when I try to subscribe again.

Does anyone know how long this decommissioning typically takes? As this is free tier I can't raise a SAP support ticket.