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Jun 16 at 10:27 AM

Transport for MII using CM Services


We plan to implement transport for MII using CM Services.
1. We have 3 system landscape , MII Dev-MII Test-MII PRD (4 region).
2. We manually import the project from QA to PRD then we restart whole production. With new transport do we still need to restart the servers to get rid of any cache?
3. We ideally bulk all our changes and have 1 move a month, in this scenario also does SAP recommend CMS way of transport for MII changes?
4. With New transport mechanism, code base for MII Test and production system will come under source control? (for MII Dev, code base is already in source control).
5. If an file go through the modification for multiple changes different request, But during UAT only couple of change request get approved. In that case development team has to revert all the changes on the file for non-approve changes, test it move it to Test system again, do another round of UAT and then move it to PRD. This will increase development and testing effort, how can we reduce?
6. We are doing lot of machine integrations & building integrated Apps, Since SAP Dev do not have sufficient data for supporting 60-90 percent of development, (because of Test MII system is open) we do this build in Test systems and move individual file to PRD & sync to DEV. Max testing happens in production only.
7. MII Systems remain available when SAP goes down for maintenances. When new transport system goes down for maintenance will it need MII down time?

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