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Jun 21, 2022 at 02:07 PM

BW4/HANA - Constant Selection issue


Dear Gurus!

I hope you are all doing well! My today's special question will look weird as the feature I can't use is supposed to be available and working for ages (personally used it before, but, today...)

So, I have a BW query created through Eclipse on a BW4/HANA system (BW4/HANA 2.0).

The underlying composite provider is a join between a HANA calculation view and a aDSO of type cube.

I am setting up a report where I want to have a table in AFO with 3 characteristics in the rows, and 2 key figures (may be more but that's not the point)

The first KF is the quantity delivered, the 2nd one is the total quantity delivered for all POs in the drill down. I can't use the SUMCT as the drill down may change.

So, I am using (or trying) the constant selections for the 2nd key figure on the PO characteristic.

The column highlighted below is the Constant Selection on PO


I am expecting to see the 360000 kg in every cell of the column GR Qty PO Constant Selection

Here is the definition if the Restricted KF :


Have you ever seen that ? Am I using wrongly the feature ....Somehow feeling a bit dumb...



image.png (22.5 kB)
image.png (101.0 kB)