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Jun 16 at 11:51 AM

How to extend RDS based Gateway service which includes custom fields?


Hello all!

I'm trying to extend the GW-Service PLMI_CHANGE_RECORD_MANAGEMENT with another RDS.

Requirement: add the custom field "Project" to the "Manage Change Records" app. The field must provide a value help. A number of further custom fields need to be added, some of them with a code list.


  1. I added the custom fields as per requirement, with the Custom Fields app. This worked without problems.
  2. As described by Andre Fischer in his blog post, I am trying to redefine the original service and extend it, to include the RDS (CDS) which will provide the value help for the Project field.


I'm getting errors directly after redefining the original service. The problems seem to come (among others) from the custom fields I included in step 1 with the Custom Fields app. These seem to be specifically the fields with a code list. I have zero idea what the errors in the Function Imports are about...


The entities for the custom fields have no attributes. I guess that they are needed to provide the value help with the code list defined while creating the custom fields.


Any ideas how I can solve this issue?

Kind regards,



image.png (45.2 kB)
gwerrors.png (42.3 kB)
noproperties.png (76.1 kB)