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Jun 22, 2022 at 07:31 AM

SLT Connector: How to stop and restart pipeline without losing subscription?


I'm creating the following Data Intelligence pipeline. A STL Connector pulls data from S/4HANA and the data will be converted to CSV. Here I'm using S/4HANA's embedded SLT.

The SLT Connector is configured with transfer mode "Replicate".


When I run the pipeline, a subscription is registered at S/4HANA side as below, and all the initial data is transferred.


Now, suppose I want to change some configuration in the pipeline. To do so, I would stop the pipeline and restart after making the change. After restart, I want to replicate only those records modified while the pipeline was down and thereafter.


However, when I stop the pipeline, above subscription is removed, and a new subscription is registered as I start the pipeline . Hence, the pipeline transfers all the record as if it is the initial load.

How can I stop and restart the pipeline without losing the subscription?

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graph.png (25.4 kB)
subscription.png (81.5 kB)