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Jun 17, 2022 at 05:04 PM

xFlow Interface - Automatically set posting date to today



After an invoice has been uploaded into the xFlow invoice monitor, the system automatically sets the posting date to the date it was uploaded (as in screenshot 1) and when the invoice is booked on another day, the user will have to manually adjust the posting date for each invoice (as in screenshot 2).

I was wondering if there is an option to get the posting date to automatically update to today's date whenever the record is opened? It would quite a bit of time when you've got to process a lot of small invoices.

I can't ask the colleague from IT who's responsible for managing SAP processes, as his answer to everything is a straight no. He even said it wasn't possible to get the SAP invoice trainer to recognize invoice references properly instead of putting down the bank accounts, postal codes, invoice amounts etc.

If there is an option to do this please let me know where this setting can be changed.

If I've put the wrong tags in, let me know which tag I should've used, as I can't find any tags related to xFlow monitor

Thanks in advance,


Screenshot 1.


Screenshot 2.



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