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Can not delete delivery or reverse pick quantity in HU Management scenario

Hi Experts,

It would be great, if you can propose a solution for the case below.

Business reported a delivery that they can't delete or process anyway. When we saw the delivery the situation is like this :-

1. The Warehouse is HU Managed
2. Overall 'Picking Status' = C (Fully Picked)
3. Overall 'WM Status' = 'B' (Open Transfer Order Item)
4. There is only one Transfer Order for this Delivery
5. If the delivery document flow is seen at Header level - the status of Transfer Order is showing as 'Complete'
6. If the document flow is seen (after double clicking on delivery item) at item level - there are two lines on the Transfer Order found
- Transfer Order : Line 1 : Status 'Open'
- Transfer Order : Line 2 : Status 'Completed'
7. When the Transfer Order is viewed, it was found 'Line 1' is missing completely and only Line 2 exits (even in LTAP table the line 1 doesn't exists)
8. However, in VBFA table two lines exists for the Transfer Order. And the field value VBFA - TAQUI (confirmation ID) is blank for Transfer Order Line 1.

Also, the Handling Units are de-assigned from the delivery.

In this situation, we tried to -
1. Delete delivery . It didn't work because of error VL110 (Item can not be deleted due to WM Status B)
2. From menu, tried 'Copy pack Quantity as Delivery Quantity' - but in change mode also 'Delivery Quantity' is showing grey. And when the command above is performed. A warning message appears that Transfer Order is open for the delivery Item. And nothing happens thereafter.
3. Tried RVDELSTA program - it didn't find any discrepancy
4. Tried transaction VL_COMPLETE to set the delivery as complete. It works but the problem is that Delivery is still showing as a 'demand' in MD04 screen
5. Tried RVKVBFA1, RVKVBFA2, RVKVBUP2 programs - Nothing happened.

Please help, how can we delete this delivery. Or at-least remove the inconsistency in the delivery document flow as system thinks the delivery is partially picked due to incorrect document flow update.

Also this is required to be done to update MD04 screen, as this delivery is being shown as the part of Planning requirement (and creating a virtual demand).

Thanks in advance.

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4 Answers

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    Former Member
    Feb 23, 2017 at 06:18 AM

    Dear Amit,

    Can you please check the note 70310 and execute the report WS_CORR_VBFA_LTAP which will already be there in your system. This report will help to remove the inconsistent Transfer Order line item from delivery document flow.

    After running above report, you can execute report ZLTOQUIT from the note 36990 to set the confirmation indicators. This report will help to make the Transfer as Completed by setting this field LTAK-KQUIT EQ X.

    Alternatively, if you want to use VL_COMPLETE as mentioned in your step, then you can make use this report SDRQCR21 which will remove the delivery stuck in MD04 requirement list, but in this case you will not be able to use the delivery further and then use this report ZLTOQUIT to Close this Transfer Order.


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    • Hi Misha,

      Awesome!! Simply Awesome!!!

      A 'Thank you' will probably be less for your help. The report WS_CORR_VBFA_LTAP worked like a magic. It set the delivery with 'Overall Picking Status' as 'B' (i.e. partially picked). And deleted the faultyTO line from VBFA, So the delivery quantity became editable. From there it was just like a journey through the path of rose to delete the delivery.

      Everything is sorted now.

      Thanks once again BIG TIME.


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  • Feb 23, 2017 at 11:22 AM

    Problem solve. Closing the Thread

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    Former Member
    Feb 22, 2017 at 01:26 PM

    If you have created delivery and there is picking through the transfer order and transfer order is not confirmed then you need to cancel the transfer order and then you need to go to delete delivery

    Check if it works, let me know if that does not work



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    • Hi Rashid,

      Thank you for a quick response.

      The Transfer Order, as mentioned, is showing only Line 2 which is already completed. This is why the delivery document flow at item level is showing Transfer Order Item 2 as 'Complete'. The Transfer Order item 1 is missing in the Transfer Order itself but in the delivery document flow it still appears with TO Item 1 status as 'Open'.

      And this is the reason they delivery is showing 'Overall' WM status is 'B'. But

      Hope I am clearer now.



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  • Feb 22, 2017 at 09:07 PM

    Once you pick, have to unpick the TO using LT0G before you will be allowed to delete the delivery in WM.

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