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Jun 17, 2022 at 09:05 AM

Credit Limit Exposure


concerns we are having over accounts / orders being placed on credit hold within the system.

The issue at hand is the system is considering all orders in the system (could be 2 years away), as part of a customers credit usage with their open invoices. If a customer has a $500k credit limit, they have open invoices worth $100k, and open orders of $600k. The system deems their credit usage as $700k, therefore blocking all orders from being released. However, $400k of the open orders are for releases in 2024. So account / orders are being placed on hold that need to ship right away, because the credit usage in the system is being pulled from their entire order schedule, versus maybe, a month forward window.Let me know if there is a configuration or system we can implement within SAP to possibly improve this process.