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Jun 17, 2022 at 08:39 AM

Storage type SU managed confusion

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I have some confusion related to SU managed storage type

1. I have a plant 0001 and SLOC 1000 which is HU managed.

2. SLOC 1000 is also WM managed.

3. Warehouse 'ODS' is assigned to SLOC 1000. ODS has two storage types: 001 and 002.

4. 001 storage type is SU managed. And 002 is not.

5. I want to putaway my material in storage type 002.

6. In inbound, I have packed my material in HU since SLOC is HU managed, therefore packing was mandatory. But when I am trying to putaway my material in storage type 002, I am getting error


My question is Storage unit activation is done at storage type level. I can post my material in 001. But why am I not able to post it in 002?

Does that mean that for a warehouse which is SU active, all storage types have to be SU active?


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