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Jun 17, 2022 at 06:43 AM

BAPI_SALES_ORDER_CHANGE - partial delivery


Hello Developers,

I have facing issue with BAPI_SALES_ORDER_CHANGE. My scenario goes like this. I have sales with multi line items. Out of which few lines are already delivered.

Now i am making changes to the line item which is not delivered(price), which updates credit block and delivery block.

i cleared credit block using VKM3. Post that i am trying to use BAPI_SALES_ORDER_CHANGE to remove the delivery block, again the credit block is getting updated in the sales order.

I found root cause for this issue. BAPI is trying to update the line items which are already delivered.

solution tried: Before calling BAPI

1. I deleted delivered line items and called BAPI

2. Update flag was sent blank for the delivered line items

Both approach did not work. searched in SDN too.