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Jun 17, 2022 at 12:38 AM

SLP: Internal Questionnaire Approval based on Editor


Hello Experts,

We received an unique requirement from client. In our SLP Registration Process, we have an internal Questionnaire where the business user ( say BUSER1) enters all the ERP related data such as Primary Company , P.Org, etc. and successfully integrates to ERP. This internal form is setup for Supervisor Approval ( BUSER1's Supervisor)

Lets say, after 6 months, BUSER2 from another Entity wants to extend this Supplier to their Company code.

REQUIREMENT1: We want to use SLP to capture this request. (Any Best Practice to manage extension requests in SLP)

REQUIREMENT2: Once, they have edited the existing Internal Questionnaire, added the new Company Code details, the approval flow should trigger to BUSER2's Supervisor instead of BUSER1's Supervisor. Any option to route the approver on the basis of Editor's details as opposed to Project Owner's details? Any alternate option can also be suggested