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Jun 16 at 06:49 PM

BPC Optimized for S4HANA Vs BPC 2021


Hi Everyone,

As our customer (S4HANA On-prem 1709) main requirement is planning and consolidation as follows:

  1. forecasted Balance sheet to be system-generated taking in consideration future capacity increments (capital expenditures for budgeted and previous periods) at multiple organizational levels
  2. forecasted P&L to be system generated at multiple organizational levels
  3. forecasted cash flow to be system generated at multiple organizational levels
  4. forecasted P&L, balance sheet and cash follow will be at group Level, company level, and profit center level.
  5. Ability to created a zero-based budget as well as an incremental budget
  6. Flexible budget option to be there to analyze the actual result Vs Budgeted ones
  7. Updating the forecasted sales plan at items level along with forecasted selling prices
  8. based on the variable portion and fixed portion at cost element level forecasted Manufacturing Cost to be updated
  9. Capital expenditures budget to be uploaded and update of some specific cost element if needed
  10. as a result, activity prices to be recalculated and to be used for the budgeted year
  11. special budget for a special projects to be active
  12. output reports should in line with agreed formats
  13. Dynamic dashboards to be created

So my inquiries are:

  1. can this be covered in BPC Optimized version for the S4HANA add-on or is BPC 2021 is a must?
  2. What is the limitation from a functional perspective that exists in BPC Optimized version and is covered in BPC 2021?
  3. Regarding the license , if 6 users will work on BPC Optimized version (standard and professional), does the customer needs to purchase 6 BPC Add-on for s4hana or only 1 is enough?