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Jun 16, 2022 at 10:58 AM

Stock unit of measure different between two plants


Hi gurus,

I have a material created with a base unit of measure, for example "KG". And this material is stocked and used in all logistic processes with the base unit of measure in plant A. But, this same material needs to be used with an alternative unit of measure, for example "G" in another plant, plant B. Because in the plant B the storage location and the production processes use a smaller quantity of that material compared to the other plant.

It is possible to carry on this solution? because, the principal problem that i'm facing is Sap manages a maximum of 3 decimals. If the production needs to consume a 0,1 G of that material in plant B, converted to KG is 0,0001 (Sap couldn't manage this). So, if the stock in plant B is managed in G and the consumption of that component is in the same unit this wouldn't' be an issue because the stock is represented in G and the production is carry on G. From the material master i know there is the alternative production unit, but for the stock i don't find one.

The stock is represented always with the base unit of measure from the material, and if the consumption from the production order its 0,1 G when Sap consume the stock it would be 0,0001 KG from the stock, and for Sap (for the 3 decimal restriction) is equal to "0" KG. Or maybe, Sap would convert the stock to G first and then the consumption is carried on but the stock in the storage location would remain in 0,00009 KG. So, Sap could round the stock to 0,0001 KG and that would be a problem due to stock imbalances. what can i do in this particular case?

I hope you can share some ideas Sap gurus.

Regards and thanks!