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Jun 16, 2022 at 08:07 AM

SY-SUBRC EQ '8' for a SORTED Internal Table even though the record is READ - Table Expressions.

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Hello ABAP Gurus,

My query is regarding the below snapshot from for READ Table and the SY-SUBRC.


With the information for SY-SUBRC EQ '8' , I could conclude that even if the record is found and it was determined because of Binary Search then also SY-SUBRC could be set to '8'. Then why it's mentioned here 'Like sy-subrc equals 4' ? SY-SUBRC '4' is for Row not found and how we can relate these two in such cases. Please correct if I am wrong here.

Now I will highlight my below case, even though am not making use of SY_SUBRC for handling my case and using cx_sy_itab_line_not_found instead for safer side.

I have an SORTED Internal Table 'T_PROXYID_NR' with Key VBELN


Now for the below READ query, Data is present in the above Internal Table and it is successfully hit as well, then why it's SY-SUBRC '8' is my question. <LFS_FILE_DATA>-VBELN is 8000256664 here.


Does this mean that SY-SUBRC '8' is for denoting that for cases of SORTED Internal Table Binary Search was applied implicitly and the Record has been successfully retrieved(just like SY-SUBRC 0)?

I searched for this and the information many have mentioned is SY-SUBRC 8 means Binary Search failed because of wrong search criteria. But here everything is fine.

Helpful comments much appreciated.




capture.png (283.8 kB)
capture-01.png (67.8 kB)
capture-02.png (190.0 kB)