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Jun 16, 2022 at 07:13 AM

ESR web service receiving a modification (or update)


I am developing a customer creation and modification web service. The setup is a web front coming through PI and into SAP. PI generates the empty web services (classes accessed from SPROXY tcode).

Creation is not a problem.

For modification, the web has a particular protocol when it sends the xml:

- if there is a tag for a field > change field (or clear in SAP if no value in xml)

- if no tag for field, do nothing for field

Problem: In SAP I see a structure with fields. I see them all, filled or empty. I cannot detect if a field is present or not in the xml because I don't even see the xml. And PI always sends all fields.

PI suggests adding an "is_present" attribute to the tags. (tested on one field; seems to work)

Is there some standard way to handle this?