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Jun 22, 2022 at 11:28 AM

I need importent help to dispaly the value of InfoObject




I am junior in SAP BW and I need help,

I added new infotype to EMPLOYEE master data. I craeted the DS, InfoPakage, Transformation , DTP

and added a relevant InfoObject to the list attribute of 0 EMPLOYEE. this infoObject contain a flag whith value X

I need to add this infoObject to- Attendance BEX QUERY, so I marked the relevant field in the navigationsection in the relevant cube to the Attendance Query. I think that I execute all the relenat process chain.

When I execute the Query on the spesific person I see the the filed not contain a value, in the query I see that this filed no contain value. see attachmnt

Asking for help knowing what I missed?

many thenks!



screenshot.png (1.0 MB)