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Jun 22, 2022 at 10:44 AM

Finance Integration with Elster - Customization of RFUMSV00


Hi Team,

I am facing an issue on implementing the automatic integration of UStVa to the finance department. We are using the Cloud Integration to accomplish this.

There was no Business Connector solution before so I am doing the customization for the report RFUMSV00 (based on this guide: and transaction FOTV (based on the guide that is attached to the IFlow)

I implemented all needed SNOTES so the customization seems fine to me. Testconnection from ERP to CI to Elster seems to work aswell.

But the issue I have is, that there are no customized KZ included (when I execute the sending as a test):


Eventhough the RFUMSV00 report finds some documents, that should be included. Here the sums:


Goal is to test the given amounts compared to the manually generated UStVa in testsystem. The documents are designed the way, that there should be values in some of the other KZ. We are testing in QS System.

How comes there are no ther Kz sent in the testrun? Is this due to the testing or what am I missing out? Any idea where to investigate further?

(if useful: we have a "Organschaft" for three different Bukrs - if the information is useful)


image.png (19.1 kB)
image.png (63.3 kB)