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Jun 16, 2022 at 06:45 AM

Configuring GEF for Linear Asset Management, PM


Hi community,

I am currently exploring for a client in the transport sector the possibility of using the GEF in combination with Linear Asset Management (LAM) and for maintenance work of linear assets. In short, the use case is that a maintenance worker should be able to load the GEF map on a mobile device, look up or create the starting point of the day's maintenance work (inspecting and cleaning rail tracks) by clicking on the linear asset, and at the end of the day mark again on the map the end point of the maintenance works.

That information should be registered back in SAP PM and the correct distance of the maintenance works carried out should be calculated and registered. Tracks that have been cleaned within the past x days must be shown on the map in a different colour than tracks that must still be cleaned. I have two questions related to this.

1. It's my understanding based on previous answer from Ed Hudak on this forum that this is possible to do this but that it requires custom development. The GEF integrated with LAM is not (yet) a standard SAP product but a consulting solution so far. That integration should be the GEF roadmap for 2023 or 2024, I believe. Can someone confirm?

2. The GEF default setup is for the Web Mercator map projection (EPSG 3857). This map projection is not suited for measuring distances because of the distortions, and quite some HANA Spatial spatial functions for ST_LIneString (that we may be need in the custom code) do not support geometries in a round-Earth spatial reference system. So it seems we have to set the GEF up with another projection system, one that is country-specific and allows for correct measuring of distances.

Can someone confirm that my interpretation is correct, or share your views on this?

Many thanks,