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Jun 15 at 07:17 AM

Job chain scheduling unique scenario


Hello Experts,

We have job which has to start every day around 11:00 PM and we use the parameter V_KeyDate which fills up date of the day automatically. This is the default expression we use =Time.formatNow('yyyy-MM-dd')

However, it happens someday my job starts at 11:00 PM and keeping running until next day 1:00 AM and when next run of the job starts after last run got finished. In this case my job picks up the next days date as V_KeyDate value which is wrong. I want it to pick the date of Yesterday because job supposed to start at 11 PM but previous run extended and job could not start at the specified time and the actual start time extended to next day.

Can you please help me with pointers. How this situation can me managed.