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Former Member
May 17, 2006 at 01:10 PM

DI Server status


Hey All,

I know many people have talked about DI server on this forum in "negative" terms. We are currently reviewing this as a possible platform on which to develop a web application that will allow users to create sales orders, update business partner info etc.

I have a few general questions about DI SErver:

1) How much does it cost for a license for DI Server?

2) Is DI server codebase updated every time DI API is updated? (IE. Are new objects added, bug fixes etc..)

3) Will it be supported and updated for future releases or will it be phased out?

4) Has anyone had any success using DI server in the method described above? Many of the posts I read about DI server are problems, errors, bugs etc...

Thanks for any information that can be provided.