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Jun 15, 2022 at 12:22 PM

Manage Your Configuration in Public Cloud



We are using the SAP Public Cloud (Multi-Tentant) solution and are seeing a major problem with the Manage Your Solution / Configure Your Solution App. It seems that when you press the Proceed to Run Phase button in MYS, all changes that have been done in the Q system are then included on a transport and release to be sent to the Production system regardless of the Status of the configuration item itself.

We have talked with SAP about this and they say that while this is "not ideal" it is the way it is, and they are not investing in this area at all, since by the start of 2024 (2 years from now) we will all be moved to the 3 System Landscape and Central Business Configuration anyway.

I'm wondering if any SAP Customers have had experience with this situation and possibly have a process that they could describe that works reasonably well to handle a large project going n at the same time as Production Support activities are happening.