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Jun 14, 2022 at 02:14 PM

how to calculate profit from a sales order in sap?



i created and saved the Sales Order of qty 10 and unit price $2.

but for this material when i added stock in sap, i entered per unit price $1.

earlier than this, when i created this material via mm01, i entered standard price $0.8 per unit for this material in its Accounting tab.

now i have made sale of 10 units, total sale of $ 20.

what will be my profit?

also tell me that i can calculate my profit at sales order level or later, when i created and save the document PGI (VL01N)?

also guide me, how and where i can look for my profit from this sales order?

remember, plz, that I created the material before sales order, but did not added the stock before it.

i added its stock after sales order but before delivery.