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Jun 10, 2022 at 01:37 PM

FRB1 condition automatically comming in PO


We have FRB1 condition in the pricing with statistical tick and without access sequence.

Now we have created one PO : PO1 and put Freight value against FRB1 condition. After saving PO1 have created one more PO : PO2 with same material and vendor & same plant and this time FRB1 is auto filled with the value put in the last PO: PO1

FRB1 is not present in Inforecord.

We have check configuration in OMFI and found price adoption is always copy for Default value 01, But not found the assignment of this default value 01 to condition type FRB1 in the system.

Our questions are as below

1)Where this value of FRB1 is stored in the system ?

2) Where we can check the assignment of default value to condition type ?