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Jun 10, 2022 at 10:00 AM

Forum tool for SAP Customer Data Cloud


Hi all,

We have been using SAP Customer Data Cloud (formerly known as GIGYA) for several years in many projects in order to have a Customer Identity and Access Management Tool. We have recently received a functional requirement to integrate a Forums tool in one of our websites that already have SAP CDC. The idea would be that users could create an account on this Forum platform using a Full Account or Lite Account, and then the user account could be used both to buy in e-commerce and create threads, make comments, etc. within the forum.

Does anyone recommend a specific tool or plugin? I have looked at the SAP marketplace and it seems that there is no official tool for this. We had thought of using some third-party software like Vanilla Forums, vBulletin, Discourse, or similar.

Kind Regards,