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Jun 15, 2022 at 08:13 AM

Cant see an extension field in Combined data source from two joint data sources

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I have created an extension field for Sales Order in the SDK and exposed it in the UI in the ITEMS node.
Now i need to add it to a report but this report is based on a combined data source, lets call this data source SO2.
This combined data source is a combination of two already joints reports(each of them is a joint report made of other reports) one of these two joint reports is Called SO1.
When i choose the enhance reports option for my XBO in the SDK, the available data sources i see are im guessing the SAP ones since i cant see the joint and combined data sources i created(SO2 and SO1) and so I added my extension field to the data source "Sales Order Items".

Then i went into analytics -> data sources and since one of the components of the joint datasource SO1 is the above data source "Sales Order Items" I could add the extension field to SO1 there.

Now SO1 contains my extension field and like i wrote above this data source is a component in the combined data source SO2.
When I then look at SO2 and want to add another field in the combination screen I cannot see my extension field and I have no clue why.

Thanks in advance.