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Jun 15, 2022 at 06:47 AM

Which accounting fields are important but missing in Group Reporting?


Dear customers/partners,

We need your help in co-innovating group reporting.

We plan to develop a feature which gives customers the ability to associate some (!) standard fields from ACDOCA to ACDOCU customer fields following the CIP request

Unfortunately, from a technical perspective, we need to provide a subset of fields from ACDOCA, i.e. we need to restrict the offered ACDOCA fields.

Now we want to hear from you which ACDOCA fields you are currently missing in group reporting.

Note, we already consider the following

No need to raise them again as requirement.

We are glad to see your feedback, please provide your input by adding the comment in the request

Thank you for your help and Best Regards,

Tina Hao