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Jun 15, 2022 at 12:59 PM

IW32 preventive maintenance print overview and change

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Hello all,

In my company we use IW38 where you can see all maintennace orders and then, once you double-click on each order, it takes you to IW32 from where you can print this exact maintenance order. I then give these papers to people that are on certain machines and they do all the maintenance just like how it is written directly on the papers. This is for legal purposes that we really are doing maintenance as we should (if anything ever had to happen with any machine/device). So far so good.

I have several problems regarding printing these papers and I will try to provide printscreens so that you know what exactly I mean.

Is there any way in SAP where you can set print both sided by default? Currently I always have to do it like this:

1) Click Order → Print → Order (picture below, iw32-print-v1)


2) Click Print Preview (iw32-print-v2)


3) Here it looks like print from PDF document where I click the icon in the yellow square and I can just click print from there on out since I already have all PDF documents set to print both sided by default. (iw32-print-v3)


As you can see above I put in orange rectangles in the picture. These are problem for me, both are useless. Is there any way to get rid of them? If not both, atleast the one on the right?

And if such thing can be done, is the Description text inbetween them in the middle going to be longer, resulting in fewer A4 papers in total and therefore no more printing both sided A4 documents?

I hope you understand where am I coming from and you got the problem that I was trying to describe here. Hopefully there is a solution for atleast some of my problems.

Thank you very much for reading and for any advice, help and tips.

Jeffrey M.


iw32-print-v1.jpg (220.2 kB)
iw32-print-v2.jpg (226.8 kB)
iw32-print-v3.jpg (150.3 kB)