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Jun 14, 2022 at 11:26 AM

Stock removal rule doesn't work as expected

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Hello everyone,

this is my first time on this forum and i already tried to find a solution for my problem but i found nothing.

The situation is as follows.

I specified a stock removal rule called FIFO like this.


VFDAT = Shelf Life Expiration Date

WDATU_DATE = Goods Receipt Date

Quan = Available Quantity

All of them ascending. The VFDAT doesn't matter most of the time. It's just there for paint that came back from the production and therefore got a new Goods Receipt Date in the EWM.

I made sure that the goods removal strategy im using is using this stock removal rule.

I would expect that the system looks for the oldest stock first and then looks for the storage bin with the lowest available quantity. The goal in this case is to free up almost empty bulk storage first before anything else.

In my test case i have an outbound delivery asking for 336 peaces of a product. That equates to 7 full Handling Units.

I have available stock on two storage bins. Bin A and BIN B.

On BIN A there are 384 peaces or 8 full handling units. Enough for the delivery.

On BIN B there are 624 peaces.

The entire stock on bin A has the Goods Receipt Date 2021/11/10.

On bin B the Goods Receipt Dates are 2021/11/10 (8 HU) and 2021/12/10(5 HU).

With all these informations i would expect the system to pick the stock from Bin A. There is enough stock with the oldest Goods Receipt date available and the lowest available quantity. But it doesn't. It picks the stock from Bin B.

I don't understand why this happens and what i did wrong. Maybe my understanding of the stock removal rule isn't correct.

I really appreciate any advice in this matter.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Tobias


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