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Jun 14 at 07:04 AM

Data not integrating to IBP but visible in CI-DS Design Time Data Viewer


Hello Community,

Requesting your help & expertise on the following issue -

  • A couple of attributes in IBP MD are being currently populated 'NULL'
  • Their mapping seems to be fine in CI-DS
  • We are able to see the values of the attributes in the design time data viewer of CI-DS
  • When we run the interface for data integration it seems to load the right number of records - but certain attributes are not loaded properly

Screenshots of the same as follows. Any leads much appreciated :)

CI-DS Flow:


CI-DS Design Time Data Viewer (of final transformation):


Data Integration Log:


Additional Observations:

  1. We are able to manually edit the master data work book, maintain & save values for these attributes
  2. We are able to load the data using the Data Integration Tile (CSV upload) and attributes are populated as expected
  3. When we hardcode the value of these attributes in CI-DS (such as 'X' for all records), the attribute is populated as expected

Kiran Kalpathy


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image.png (32.9 kB)
image.png (9.6 kB)