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Jun 13, 2022 at 04:37 PM

Provide SAP internal examples for SAP Fiori Elements V2 UI to externals


Hello CAP Team, Hi Oliver Klemenz,

in todays release notes for the 1.8.20 Version of the @sap/cds-odata-v2-adapter-proxy module I stumbled upon this:

"- Add an example Fiori Elements applications showcasing hierarchical `TreeTable` usage"

When looking at the README I can find a section mentioning this examples. But unfortunately with the comment:

"Code repository is only available SAP internal."

I hope there is a way to provide this repository also to externals or to enhance the SAP Fiori elements for OData V4 Feature Showcase with a Hierarcy example.

Best Regards

cc: Daniel Hutzel, Iwona Hahn