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Jun 13, 2022 at 04:07 PM

Use SAP Cloud Transport Management to transport customizing of a CAP application?


Hello SAP Cloud Transport Management Team,

in the documentation for SAP Cloud TMS I find a section about Supported Content Types. In there, the paragraph:

  • Application content transported in an application-specific format between different cloud subaccounts

    In general, application content is packed in archive files, for example, .zip files, or .rar files. The archives can contain any kind of application-specific content. However, the application that has created such an archive file must provide a deploy method to deploy the application-specific content on the target subaccount. This means, such an archive file can only be used for transport if the application-specific deployment service in the target subaccount is able to handle it. For more information, see the documentation of the individual applications.

I guess the sentence "For more information, see the documentation of the individual applications." is related to applications developed by SAP. But is there any guidance for SAP Partners and Customers how they could implement the transport of application content?

I especially look for a standard way to get customizing data that is maintained in the dev system of my application developed using the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model to the QA and Production instance. I guess that currently every customer and partner has to come up with their own solution do transport such non coding changes. I would hope that SAP facing the same issues did maybe find already a solution to that problem.

To describe it in more detail let's imagine an application which allows you to configure different types of documents. This configuration (customising) is stored in a table that is managed by a simple CAP based Entity which is draft enabled. The customizing is done in the development system and needs to be the same in QA and Production. In my Dev System I would need to use the SAP Cloud Transport Management API to upload it's own customizing content. In SAP Cloud TMS I can configure the destinations to my QA and Production system. The delivery of the content would be triggered by the respective release to the system in SAP Cloud TMS.

Looking forward for any help regarding this topic.

Best Regards