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Jun 13, 2022 at 02:49 PM

Unable to fetch the complete JSON Array of objects using NodeJS Hana-client from JSON collections

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I am stuck in very unfamiliar situation in terms of reading a JSON array (with approx. 400 objects and each object with 3-4 attributes) in my nodeJS application. Using sap/hana-client: 2.6.61 and JSON Collections HANA HDI

  • I am trying to fetch below attribute 'matchingRecords' using basic select SQL query but somehow HANA driver is returning incomplete JSON array which is throwing error while parsing it due to unexpected ending of JSON.
  • I tried to look for any such default length/size limitations for HANA client but no luck so far.
  • Using `exec` function to get the result, also printed the length of result it retrieved which is `20001`, looks like some kind of constraint. But not able to understand any config related to it that can be provided in hana config options during create connection.

Looking for help !

"matchingRecords": [{\"id\": \"20226131546121\", \"xId\": \"20226131334926521\", \"xVId\": \"20226131334924775\"}, {\"id\": \"202261315461213\", \"xId\": \"20226131334926521\", \"xVId\": \"20226131334924775\"}...]