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Jun 09, 2022 at 09:45 PM

How to use $search when calling external service through destination in SAP CAP NodeJS?



I am writing an SAP CAP application on NodeJS that requests data from MS Graph.

I have defined a destination in SAP BTP (name: "Graph").

I have created a js service file with the following method to read a particular user's data (user id: "ABCDE"):

const readFunction = async (req) => {

let destination = 'Graph'

const url = `/users/?$search="onPremisesSamAccountName:ABCDE"`

console.log('In function readFunction..');

console.log('Trying to get to destination..');

const service = await;

console.log('Connected to destination..');

const graphUser = await{

url: url,

headers: { "ConsistencyLevel": "Eventual"}


console.log('Got user data..');

let users = => {

var user = {}

user.aad_id =

user.username = graph_user.userPrincipalName

user.displayName = graph_user.displayName

user.givenName = graph_user.givenName

user.surname = graph_user.surname

user.isAzureActiveDirectory = true

return user


return users


module.exports = (srv) => {

srv.on('READ', 'User', readFunction)


But when I call this service, I get the following error in the console:

error: {

code: 'Request_UnsupportedQuery',

message: "Request with $search query parameter only works through MSGraph with a special request header: 'ConsistencyLevel: eventual'", (...)

As you can see, I have provided the ConsistencyLevel parameter on the request header, but it does not work.

I do not see it in the request header in the Chrome dev tools.

I have also added the property URL.headers.ConsistencyLevel to destination properties in SAP BTP, but it does not work either.

My questions are:

How can I correctly pass the $search parameter to the destination?

How can I set the request header values in SAP CAP on NodeJS?

When I take the $search parameter out from the path (url = `/users`),

the request works and delivers me all the users from MS Graph.