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Jun 09, 2022 at 02:57 PM

Archivelink: P7M files returned without signature


Users ask to view digitally signed pdf files (CAdES format, extension P7M) attached to business documents with a local application instead of SAP Document viewer, since SAP does not provide evidence of signatures, unlike the PAdES format.

With the help of SAP note 2858176 (2858176 - Use native viewer to view files instead of SAP Document viewer - SAP ONE Support Launchpad), we have configured archivelink to call local application.

It works fine (e.g. tested with JPG files), but P7M files are transferred to client unsigned and the application cannot open them; instead, we can open the downloaded files found in SAP Gui folder with Acrobat Reader, this means that files are not corrupted. If we compare original file size with downloaded file size, the latter is smaller (signatures lost ?).

Sap Netweaver version: 731 SP20.

Users run this application: Download e installazione | Infocert

Anyone faced with this issue ?