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Jun 07, 2022 at 12:23 PM

Using fuzzy search with CDS in freestyle app


Hey community,

I've a question regarding the fuzzy search annotation. I know that it is possible to use the following annotations to enable fuzzy search on HANA:

  • @Search.searchable : true
  • @Search.defaultSearchElement : true
  • @Search.fuzzinessThreshold : 0.8

But that approach only works, if the request from the UI comes with an search query. This works fine for Fiori Elements apps. But how should that work with freestyle apps? If I'm implementing a custom search bar with an event handler, my only option is to create filters on the binding of the container, which holds the data. And that leads into filter queries in the oData request. And the filters are not working with the search annotations...

Is there any way to trigger a search query from the UI binding? Or is there another approach for implementation with filters? (Except from using manual ABAP coding, I know that this would work, but it's not what I want).

We're using referenced data source to map the CDS views into the SADL framework of the SEGW, so using the oData: publish annotation from this blog-post, would also not work in my opinion.

I am glad about every hint, thank you!

Best regards,