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Jun 09 at 03:45 PM

Invalid navigation short dump in extended ODATA service with expand & filter



I created an ODATA project by extending API_PRODUCT_SRV service using SEGW. A new entity type is created using DDIC object import. Association is created between A_Product entity and the new Z entity with 1:1 cardinality.

When a filter is applied on the expanded entity as below, there is a short dump.


SAP has provided a work around for this scenario in case of services generated by MDS approach. Below are some of the blogs and documents in sap help portal I referred to.

Using Query Options for Executing SADL-Based Gateway Services | SAP Help Portal

Optimized $expand with SADL and Non-SADL Entities | SAP Help Portal

Handling OData Navigation | SAP Help Portal

After referring to these documents, I understood that solution is provided only for MDS based generated gateway services. (I might be wrong as well)

Is there any way to bypass this navigation error in RDS(Referenced data source approach) generated gateway services? The method "if_sadl_gw_query_control~set_query_options" is not available in my DPC class and only "CL_SADL_GW_DPC_HELPER=>GET_QUERY_OPTIONS_ENTITY_SET" is being called in my DPC method where there is a chance to remove navigation info. But, the interface method is not available in DPC class to redefine the logic.

Any kind of clue or help is highly appreciated!




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