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Jun 09, 2022 at 01:48 PM

Create QM notification from action box not working


Hi experts,

I am currently trying to get the "create QM notification" function in the action box found in QM notifications to work.

This is all as per SAP standard, I'm currently testing it using notication type Q3, to create another Q3 notification. When using the function within the notification: The pop up box appears and allows you to fill it, you get a message telling you that the new notification will be created when the current one is saved, then nothing.

I have WF activated for QM notifications and this is working and active. I've done a trace in SWEL on the action, and it shows as completed and using workflow WS20000314.

I did notice an issue with the SAP standard on the Action itself, in that it wanted to use task TS020000304. However, this is too long, and when reselecting from the list it then brought through TS20000304.

However this has still not fixed the issue.

Is there anywhere else that this could have fallen down? I've had a look at workflow WS20000314 and it doesn't appear to have task TS20000304 in it. Should this be there for it to work?

Any help much appreciated.