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Jun 09, 2022 at 01:41 PM

Accessing Fieldgroup from other entity

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Hello Experts,

I have encountered an issue in my Fiori Elements odata v4 project when using FieldGroups from an associated entity. I have created an example repo showcasing the issue here. In short the scenario is the following:

  • I have two entities "Books" and "Summaries" that are related through an association.
  • Both entities have an annotated FieldGroup displaying some information.
  • I would like to display the Fieldgroup that is defined inside of "Summaries" in the Object Page Header of a Fiori Elements List Report floorplan based on "Books".

The fieldgroup that is not working can be found on row 27 in annotations.cds in the repo and looks like this

@UI.HeaderFacets: [
    $Type: 'UI.ReferenceFacet',
    Target: 'summary/@UI.FieldGroup#MyId'

where summary is the association to the Summaries entity set. If anyone has any input as to how to make this work it would be much appreciated!

Best regards,