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Jun 08, 2022 at 07:20 AM

Getting error in IJP for internal candidates on My Profile tab


Hi Experts,

We are getting error in IJP for Internal candidates on the My Profile tab. It is only for certain candidates not for all the candidates. The same error is getting when we search the candidate through the "Candidate" search option.

Please find the below error details,

errorId=bdb3b450-c6ad-4c8c-85f6-754e8bfa8f7a, fingerprint=72495c49ab6b214756a4f33d1fe5eb2baa2041fe, timestamp=2022-06-08T17:14:07.453+1000, errorMessage=An application error occurred. Please try again later, or notify support (with the error information of errorID=bdb3b450-c6ad-4c8c-85f6-754e8bfa8f7a, timestamp=2022-06-08T17:14:07.453+1000, and the version information from the current screen) if the issue keeps occurring., server=235pc10bcf133t, versionInfo=Release%3A%20%20%2020220530060304%0AServer%3A%20%20%20%20235pc10bcf133t%0ATimestamp%3A%202022-06-08T17%3A14%3A04.631%2B1000


Kindly provide your input on the same


image.png (75.8 kB)