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Jun 03, 2022 at 02:24 PM

RPA issue with form filling

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I’m facing an issue while building a bot in Cloud Studio. This bot has to access a webpage after filling in various fields.

When you go to the website, one thing you notice is that each time a field is filled manually, the website automatically generates a TAB command to select the next field. The last TAB action validates the line. Each of the 3 lines needs to be validated before clicking the VALIDER button. Here you can test the site I’m talking about : by entering any digit you want.

So, I have created an application in Cloud Studio through which I have captured the web page and declared each field as an input, as well as the automation that goes with it. But when I test my bot, despite filling in correctly, none of the lines get validated, which results in an error message from the website after the bot clicks the VALIDER button:


I am wondering if the bot is able to handle the automatic tab done by the website. I tried different things such as adding TAB keystroke elements, mouse click or select actions but it does not work.

Has anyone faced this issue and if so, is there any way to bypass it?