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Jun 03, 2022 at 11:50 AM

CPI Adapter - OSGI Bundles - Dependencies


Hi there,

We are developing a third-party adapter and we are having some trouble with the external dependencies.

We have added the dependencies as an OSGI Bundle as explained in:

Once we have created the bundle, we do install it in our maven rep (.m2) and we add it to the pom.xml of the adapter project for compilation and packaging.

During compilation and packaging, it seems fine, even during deployment, but at runtime, when the code hits a line that makes use of the dependency it crashes. We can´t see no logs.

We are afraid we might be doing something wrong when creating the OSGI Bundle for the dependency.

So I have some questions regarding the OSGI Bundles.

Which OSGI Bundle should be selected between these two?

- Standard

- Equinox


Once the Bundle is created and the jar exported, how should we reference it?

Example 1: Pointing to our .m2 recent installation:


Example 2: Pointing to src/main/resources project folder:


Any other hints about OSGI Bundles creation that is not mentioned in the SAP Official Documentation?

Thanks in advance.



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