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Jun 03, 2022 at 09:06 AM

Chart Filter "Use query-defined member access" does not work on BW Live Connection to SAC



i got a problem, that on a chart widget filter, there is no dependent filtering possible.

Only in SAP BW Live Connections based on a query the option "Use query-defined member access" comes available, that reads the query-specific and threrefore Infoobject specific setting how to read the member.

I am using "values as booked".

The query and therefore model behaves totally correct and downfilters without problems in the following:

- BEx query

- AfO

- even on the SAC data tab on a story

- Page filters

What does not work is the depedent filtering in a chart-widget. When going there to the Filters and putting a first selection it takes the query settings - alright.

The second filter does not provide the correct settings then and the query-defined member access function does not do anything. The same setting " only booked values for navigation" is ticked in the backend on all occasions (Composite, InfoObject, Query), but still the full list is displayed.

I am using a navigation attribute as Infoobject and an Infoobject for the filtering. one does not hold any data (navi attribute)

in the screenshots top - BEx/Afo and in the bottom SAC data tab - working as expected. Only the setting on live model "Use query-defined member access" on a chart widget makes problems.


Any ideas?