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Jun 02 at 03:49 PM

fields are missing in cockpit template of supplier and mass maintenance issue


Hello All,

we are trying to migrate supplier data in S4 hana public cloud .

i have a requirement of BPKIND , LNRZE,MINDK which i need to populated in system but migration template doesn't have those fields.

so i wanted to know other ways to load the data related for all the suppliers.

as per mass maintenance i was able to find LNRZE, MINDK now question is i have to select one by one all the suppliers which i need cause it is showing other business partners as well such as customers so i wanted to know a way to quickly maintain a value for 5k suppliers.

my other question is i was not able to find BPKIND in mass maintaince as it doesnt show any result there , so i wanted to know if there is other way to maintain it.




bpkind.png (33.1 kB)