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Jun 07, 2022 at 04:23 PM

HANA log segment on secondary site


Hi Everyone,

We have 2 HANA host configured with SYNCMEM replication mode, as i am new to HANA & got these below doubts.

can someone please help:

1) on Primary site i can see around 45 logsegment_000_*.dat file where as in secondary only 5 logsegment_000_*.dat file are there, do we have any parameter which specify the number of log segment file on both node?

2) Even though we have 2 nodes but in HANA studio > landscape> host only 1 host is visible why so?

3) with SYNCMEM mode log shipping from primary to secondary will happened till memory afterward how will it go in log volume on secondary site?

4) How the log segment get cleared on secondary site as we don't schedule any backup on secondary site?