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Jun 03, 2022 at 06:28 AM

Moving average price increase incohenrently


Hello everyone

I am facing a problem with moving average price I can not explain.

We have a material for waste which is consummed and deconsummed by production orders, production orders can increase or decrease the stock. Due to the characteritic of this material, the quantity is managed in grams with 3 decimals.

2 days ago a controller changed manually the moving average price using MR21 which is correct. The first deconsumption the day after was done using the new moving average price but after that all the movments have changed the MAP increasing it exponentially (the stock was never at zero nor closed to it) as you can see below


I don't understand at all why the MAP has changed this way. When I manually calculated it the value calculated by SAP seem totally incoherent.

Does someone please have any idea of what happened ?


image.png (147.8 kB)